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SN SPORTS Kettle-Ball

Product Description

Product description Performing exercises like squats, throws, arm raises, etc. with a SN SPORTS Kettle-Bell works on your strength and balance at the same time. Increase your body flexibility. SN SPORTS Kettle-Bells are substitute for Dumbbells and traditional weights. SN SPORTS Kettle-Bells have a strong molded construction with an ergonomically designed handle for enhanced comfort. Due to the shape of the SN SPORTS Kettle-Bells, many exercises can be performed with better form using kettle bells, many also prefer using SN SPORTS Kettle-Bells to perform certain athletic moves. Work on complete range of muscles when you swing them backwards and forwards or from side to side. Available In different color as per size variant. SN SPORTS Kettle-Bells sold individually.

Brand : SN Sports
Weight : 4 Kilograms
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